Hill’s Metabolic Prescription Diet®

Weight Loss for Cats & Dogs -

Many people don’t realize that even a small amount of extra weight can have an adverse effect on a pet’s health & quality of life – and can even reduce their lifespan! Almost 50% of the pet population is overweight to some degree.

Remember, while one pound of extra weight on an adult is “no big deal” – every additional pound can add 5% to 20% in body weight to a small or medium sized cat or dog. This added weight can impact mobility & energy in ways that reduce play and exercise time – leading to poorer cardiovascular health.

Added weight also puts a strain on your cat or dog’s heart and other organs – which also shortens their lifespan!

Helping Cats & Dogs Lose Weight

Fortunately, losing weight can actually be much easier for cats and dogs than for humans – since loving owners can easily improve their pets’ diets with the proper food!

Hill’s Metabolic Prescription Diet® is a specially formulated line of dog and cat foods that support your pet’s weight management. Hill’s Metabolic Prescription Diet® was developed by nutritionists & veterinarians to help pets lose weight safely and effectively – while still enjoying the food they eat.

Our veterinarians  have been prescribing Hill’s Metabolic Diet for our patients and getting great results.  It’s truly a revolutionary new weight loss product for cats & dogs! Studies by Hill’s have shown that 88% of pets lost weight at home within 2 months of starting on Hill’s Metabolic Prescription Diet – and we have been seeing as good or better results in our veterinary practice!

Hill’s Metabolic Diet Includes:

  • Dry Cat Weight Loss Food (regular, urinary, & urinary + stress)
  • Wet Cat Weight Loss Food (regular & urinary)
  • cat dog weightloss foodDry Dog Weight Loss Food (regular & mobility)
  • Wet Dog Weight Loss Food (regular & mobility)
  • Cat Weight Loss Treats
  • Dog Weight Loss Treats

How Hill’s Metabolic Prescription Diet® Helps Cats & Dogs Lose Weight:

  • Designed to naturally works with your cat or dog’s unique metabolism
  • Helps your cat or dog avoid weight regain after weight loss
  • Helps your cat or dog feel full & satisfied between meals
  • Contains the holistic ingredients to promote vitality & energy

Hill’s Metabolic Prescription Diet® Contains:

  • A synergistic blend of ingredients designed by veterinarians & nutritionists
  • High quality protein and thoughtfully sourced ingredients
  • A unique fiber blend from fruits and vegetables
  • Powerful antioxidants to boost your pet’s immune system and energy

Veterinarian Recommended Weight Loss for Cats and Dogs

You want your dogs and kitties to have the longest life possible – and maintaining a healthy weight is an important step toward keeping them healthy and increasing their lifespan. Our veterinarians can help you determine if your cat or dog is at a healthy weight for their breed and their frame.

If Fluffy or Fido needs to lose a little (or a lot!) of weight for optimal health, our veterinarians can help you select the best food and nutrition to help your pet get back to a healthy weight.

We carry Hill’s Metabolic Prescription Diet® at our Manhattan Beach Veterinary Hospital! Call or stop in today!

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