Canine Flu Reported in Orange County

Canine influenza has been recently reported in neighboring Orange county.

As some of you may have already heard, cases of canine influenza (“dog flu”) have been reported close to our South Bay location.  Here is a summary we’ve put together of canine influenza facts to help get everyone up to date on what may become an important issue for our canine family members:

dog flu los angelesCanine Flu (Influenza) Disease and Symptoms: Dog Flu Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach

  • Caused by an influenza virus, which typically affects the respiratory tract, especially the trachea and nasal passage
  • Young dogs have the highest susceptibility
  • It is contagious between dogs, and is easily transmitted from dog-to-dog either by direct or indirect contact (such as a shared water dish or toy, the fencing of an exercise yard, or from someone’s clothing or hand that is contaminated)
  • The most contagious times are before the typical patient shows any symptoms; therefore, you can’t tell if a dog is passing it or not based on appearance
  • Nasal discharge, sneezing, and a slightly productive, persistent cough are the most common findings. It looks very similar to the average “Kennel Cough” case, but with perhaps a greater degree of symptoms
  • Fever, aching joints, inappetence, and pneumonia are more severe symptoms that are not common
  • Will usually run its course by 14-21 days; fatalities are few but do occur

 Canine Flu (Influenza) Treatment: Dog Flu Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach

  • Rest, avoidance of dry/heat/dust, good nutrition
  • Antibiotics and cough suppressants in cases of moderate symptoms
  • Hospitalization if unable to support themselves (eat, drink, eliminate)

Canine Flu (Influenza) Prevention:

  • The current outbreak has so far been shown to be a different strain than the vaccination strain; thus, at this time, vaccination is not known to offer immunity or reduction in symptoms (stay aware of any posted changes in this status)
  • Avoid places, if possible, where high numbers of dogs congregate ie. dog parks, kennels, grooming parlors. Even reducing time spent in veterinary establishments may be helpful.
  • Wash hands before handling a new group of dogs (assuming a group of dogs will share the same risks), and change clothes before interacting with a new group if contamination occurred

If you believe your dog may be exhibiting signs of Canine Flu, call our Manhattan Beach veterinarians: 310-536-9654

Canine Flu / Dog Flu Vets Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach

Canine Flu / Dog Flu Vets Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach

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