Veterinarian Tips for Cat & Dog Travel & Boarding

6 Pet Travel & Boarding Tips from Our Veterinarians.

The holidays are often a time of travel to visit friends and relatives. Whether you take your pets with you or leave them home, following these tips from our Veterinarians will help you keep them safe.

manhattan beach best dog cat boardingVeterinarian Travel & Boarding Tip #1
Health Certificates

Many people do not realize that your pet needs a health certificate from your veterinarian when you travel across state lines or international borders. Whether you are flying or driving these requirements apply.

Be sure to find out the requirements for any States you will visit – or even pass through – ahead of time. And International travel is even more strict! Many countries have a strict quarantine policy. So do your research.

Then schedule an appointment with your veterinarian, with plenty of time to get the needed certificate(s) required by the states or countries you will be visiting.

Veterinarian Travel & Boarding Tip #2
Car Travel

The AMVA (American Veterinary Medical Association) advises to never leave pets alone in vehicles - even for short periods of time - even if the weather is safe. Theft, injury or accidents are unfortunately all too common. If you are travelling to a location that is not pet friendly, it is wiser to keep them home than leave them in the car.

Pets travelling in cars should always be safely restrained. You would never let a human child travel without a seat belt – and the same danger of injury from sudden motions, accidents or ejection applies to our furry babies. Always use a secure harness or a carrier. And place cats and dogs in the car in an area that is clear of airbags. Many people do not realize that the impact of an airbag could be fatal to a cat or dog.

Veterinarian Travel & Boarding Tip #3
Airline Travel

Always talk with your veterinarian first if you’re considering traveling by air with your pet. Air travel can put certain animals at risk. Certain breeds – such as short-nosed dogs – can suffer ill effects from flying. And preexisting health conditions can also mean your pet is not a good candidate for flying. Your veterinarian who is familiar with your cat or dog can advise you regarding your own pet’s ability to travel.

If your cat or dog is cleared for flying by your Veterinarian, check with your airline well in advance of your flight. Smaller pets can be taken as “carry on” – but each airline has kennel /carrier size restrictions. Depending upon the pet’s breed & size they may have to be checked or transported as “cargo” – which can be fraught with safety risks to your animal. In general, if you can not carry your pet on the plane with you, we generally recommend leaving Fido or Kitty at home or boarding them.

Veterinarian Travel & Boarding Tip #4

Never travel with your pet unless they have both visible id in place (tags) as well as a microchip. Make certain that both the tags and the microchip have currently updated contact information for you.

If your cat or dog is not yet microchipped, it is fast, easy and very affordable at our Veterinary office. Click Here to Read More

Veterinarian Travel & Boarding Tip #5
Packing Properly

Make a list of everything you need to pack for your pet.  In addition to your pet’s food and medications, don’t forget their favorite toys and perhaps their special blanket or towel, to ease the stress of traveling.

Water and a water bowl, “baby wipes” for little accidents, a basic pet first aid kit, and plenty of “poop bags” should also be packed.

Do not forget to bring your pets medical records. This will assist an out-of-town veterinarian in case of an emergency.

Veterinarian Travel & Boarding Tip #6
Cat & Dog Boarding

Always choose a reputable and professional pet boarding facility such as Manhattan Beach Animal Hospital for your cat or dog. “In Home” pet boarding facilities may not be as diligent about cleanliness, care, safety or requiring vaccines.

To protect your pet from canine flu and other contagious diseases, make certain that your pet is up-to-date on their vaccines before boarding them.

We recommend bringing along your cat or dog’s bed, blanket or towel and/or a few favorite toys. When you leave, try to be positive and upbeat rather than sad or apologetic. Your cat or dog will sense your mood and they are more likely to become upset if they detect discomfort in your  demeanor. Keep the goodbyes upbeat, short and sweet.

Our staff and veterinarians treat your pet like they are our own family. And while we know they will miss you, you can relax and enjoy your trip knowing that we will keep your pet safe, healthy and happy until you return.

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