Cat Boarding: Manhattan & Redondo Beach

What to Look for In a Cat Boarding Facility

redondo beach best dog cat boardingWhen you travel for business or pleasure, you choose your own hotel with great care! You want a place to stay that is clean, quiet, safe, fun, convenient & comfortable – all at an affordable price.

Equal care needs to be paid to selecting your cat’s accommodations while you are out of town. And your cat’s “hotel” needs are not that different from your own! Ensuring that your pet’s lodgings are safe, clean and comfortable will give you peace of mind while you are away.

Asking the right questions can help you decide on the best boarding option for your pet’s needs. Our veterinarians have put together a list of the questions you should ask any facility when you are boarding your cat.

Cat Boarding Facility Questions

  • Are kennels individual or shared?
  • What size are the kennels?
  • Can you see the exercise area to ensure it is clean and free from excrement?
  • How often are the kennels cleaned?
  • Are the kennels and bedding sterilized between cats?
  • Cat Boarding Health Questions
  • Which vaccinations are required of boarded cats?
  • Are there trained medical personnel on staff?
  • Where will they take your cat if it becomes ill?
  • How will your cat be transported if it needs to be taken to a vet?

Cat Boarding Safety Questions

  • Is the facility licensed through Los Angeles County?
  • Do the kennels and cages have secure latches?
  • How are doors locked and secured?
  • How tall is the fence around the exercise area?
  • Who has access to the kennel area?

Cat Boarding Care Questions

  • How frequently are the cats petted, brushed or played with?
  • Will they bathe your cat if he/she becomes soiled?
  • What is the feeding schedule?
  • How often is the litter box changed?
  • Can you bring the cat’s regular food and/or will they accommodate special dietary needs?
  • What are the credentials or training of the kennel attendants?
  • Can you call to check on your cat?

Veterinary Cat Boarding – Redondo Beach

Leaving your cat behind doesn’t have to be stressful for you, or them, when you know they are in caring and capable hands at a safe and reputable boarding facility. When you chose a veterinary facility for your cat’s boarding needs you are assured that your pet will be safe and secure, in a sanitary environment, and attended to by trained professionals.

A veterinary boarding facility can accommodate any feline age, dietary or health issues – ensuring that your furry friend receives the same personalized care and attention that they receive at home. And with a veterinary boarding facility, should your cat need medical care they do not have to be transported elsewhere.

South Bay Veterinarian Cat Boarding: Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hawthorne

Our caring veterinary cat boarding staff treats every pet we board as if they were our own. Our trained kennel assistants take the time to pet them, talk to them and play with them – to ensure that they never feel abandoned, bored or lonesome.

We have boarded hundreds of healthy, happy cats (and dogs!) in the South Bay area, including:  Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hawthorne & Torrance. Whether you are just going away for the weekend – or you are planning extended vacation – we will keep your kitty cat safe, secure, comfortable, healthy and loved while you are gone. Call us or stop by Manhattan Beach Animal Hospital to meet our kind and gentle veterinary and boarding staff, and tour our clean and safe cat boarding facilities.

Call to Schedule Cat Boarding, or Take a Tour: 310-536-9654

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