Cat Boarding: Manhattan Beach & Hawthorne, CA

Cat Boarding: Veterinarians vs. Kennels & Pet Hotels

hawthorne beach best dog cat boardingPreparing to go out of town – whether for business or pleasure – can be stressful. And for cat owners, our cat’s happiness and safety while we are away is a main concern. So how does a cat owner decide which boarding facility is the best option for their beloved feline?

Kennels, “pet hotels,” in-home boarders and veterinarian’s office all offer cat boarding in the South Bay area, including: Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hawthorne & the surrounding area. You’ve no doubt chosen your own hotel with great care – and equal care needs to be paid to selecting your cat’s accommodations.

Cat Boarding: In Home Boarding

Cats are notorious escape artists! So, while an “in-home” cat sitting facility may seem like a “loving family” situation for your pet, there are serious security issues with leaving a cat in someone else’s home. Guests and family members who are not trained pet professionals may come and go, leading to open and unlocked doors and gates can result in lost pets.

Cat Boarding: Kennels & Pet Hotels

Unfortunately there is a wide variation of care across kennels & so-called “pet hotels”. Kennels and boarding facilities located within Los Angeles County must meet 33 standards of care in order to be licensed. So, as a start, if you are considering a kennel for boarding your cat, make certain that they are licensed through the County of Los Angeles.

The biggest downside we see in kennel boarding of cats is the transmission of fleas and communicable diseases – such as respiratory illnesses & eye infections. Even in clean appearing kennels, germs can be passed from one cat to another in common areas, and in cages that have not been medically sanitized.

Additionally, in kennel boarding situations, no medical professionals are present in the event that your cat experiences an illness or a medical emergency. Should they become ill, they will have to be transported – which is not only stressful, but also poses a greater risk of escape.

Cat Boarding: Veterinarians – Hawthorne

Boarding your cat at a veterinarian’s office ensures that your pet will be secured in an escape-proof facility.

At a veterinarian’s office, you are also assured that your beloved feline will be attended to by trained medical professionals. And, in the event that your pet should show any signs of illness, they will immediately receive the necessary care, without needing to be transported.

Further, if your pet has any existing age-related, health, or dietary issues, veterinarian boarding offers personalized medical care while you are away.

Additionally, veterinarian boarding offers medical-grade kennel sterilization procedures – minimizing the risk of your cat contracting an illness form other felines while being boarded.

 South Bay Veterinarian Cat Boarding: Hawthorne, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach

Our caring veterinary staff showers every cat we board with love and affection – just as if they were our own. Our veterinary assistants and kennel assistants take the time to pet them, talk to them and play with them – to ensure that they are never lonely, or bored.

At our veterinary boarding facility we can accommodate any age, dietary or health issues – ensuring that your cat receives the same personalized care that they receive at home. And our vets and veterinary assistants monitor every cat to ensure that they stay in optimal physical and emotional health!

Our individual, safe and sterile cat boarding kennels offer the utmost in security and sanitation. It would be impossible for even the craftiest cat to breakout of our triple-doored, alarmed facility!

We have boarded hundreds of healthy, happy cats (and dogs!) from Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hawthorne & the entire South Bay area. Whether you are taking a weekend trip or an extended vacation, we will keep your cat safe, comfortable, happy and loved while you are away. Call us or stop by Manhattan Beach Animal Hospital to meet our caring veterinary and boarding staff, and tour our spotless kennel facility.

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