Halloween Dog & Cat Safety Tips

Veterinarian’s Tips for Halloween Safety -

Hermosa Beach veterinarianHalloween is a time of spooky celebrating and delicious treats! Adorable ghosts, goblins, and witches roam the streets . . . and delicious candy is everywhere. And, while this is fun for humans – it is a different story family pets. Cats and dogs may find the strange sights frightening . . . and human snacks can provide a dangerous temptation for pets.

Our Manhattan Beach Veterinarians suggest you follow these safety measures during the Halloween season to protect your pets, and to make Halloween safe and stress free for your cats and dogs.

Keep Pets Indoors on Halloween Night

The extra activity & strange masks and costumes can be scary for Rover or Fluffy! Keep them indoors in their favorite safe and comfortable spot – and away from the front door, too.

Constantly ringing of the doorbell and shouts of “trick or treat” can be stressful – so place your cat or dog in a quiet area, possibly with the TV or radio to soothe them. And check on them often to comfort them if they are alarmed or nervous.

If you own a black cat, take extra precautions to keep them safely indoors. Their association with Halloween can make them a target for people who want to use them as props, or worse.

Keep All Candy Away from Pets

Most candy will seriously sicken a cat or dog.  Chocolate is actually poisonous to many animals – and can be fatal. And chewy or hard candies can pose choking risks. Keep the number of your local poison control center nearby in case Spot or Snowball accidentally ingest any candy.

Do Not Take Your Pet Trick or Treating

Strangers in masks and costumes can frighten a pet – which can result in the dog or cat running away – or acting out by attacking a costumed child or adult by whom they feel threatened.

Remember, dog owners are liable for injuries inflicted by their pet!

Keep Pets Away from Lit Candles and Jack-O-Lanterns

Pets may knock over candles causing a fire or injuring themselves. Kittens and puppies have an even higher risk of getting burned due to their playfulness and curiosity.

Only Dress Pets in Costumes Made For Pets

Never dress your pet in a costume that was not made for pets! The risk of strangulation from a costume around the neck – or choking from small pieces that are ingested – is very great when human or homemade costumes are put on pets!

If you do dress your cat or dog for Halloween, make sure it is a pet costume made specifically for pets their size.

Keep Tags on and Microchips Updated

With trick-or-treaters and guests constantly coming to the door, pets can sneak out of the house. Make sure they are microchipped, their tags are on, and their information is current!

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