Cat & Dog Microchipping

What is Cat & Dog Microchipping?

Microchips are very tiny electronic “chips” that are inserted under a dog or cat’s skin. They are inside an unbreakable glass cylinder about the size of a single grain of rice.

When a scanner is passed over the chip inside your dog or cat, the chip transmits the pet’s identification number to the scanner. If the chip has been registered with the microchip registry, the animal’s owner can quickly be identified and notified.

microchipping hermosa beachDog & Cat Microchipping Brings Pets Home!

In a study of more than 7,700 lost pets who were turned into animal shelters, the following results were found:

  • Lost Dogs WITHOUT Microchip: 22% were returned to owners
  • Lost Dogs WITH Microchip: 52% were returned to owners
  • Lost Cats WITHOUT Microchip: 2% were returned to owners
  • Lost Cats WITH Microchip: 38% were returned to owners

Sadly, one in three pets will get lost or go missing at some point in their life. The heartbreak of not knowing where your beloved cat or dog is can be devastating. But fast, affordable microchipping gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have substantially increased the odds that you and your pet will always be reunited.

How Dog & Cat Microchips are Inserted

Microchips are injected at your Veterinarian’s office, under the dog or cat’s skin, with a syringe. No surgery or anesthesia is required – and it only takes a few seconds. It does not hurt your cat or dog any more than their typical vaccination.

What Information is on the Cat or Dog Microchip?

The microchip only contains an identification number, which the pet owner registers. The microchip itself does not contain your address or phone number. It is also not a GPS device, and it cannot track your cat or dog if they get lost.

Maintaining Your Cat or Dog’s Microchip

Once your dog or cat is microchipped, there are important steps you must take, to ensure that you will be notified if your pet is “scanned” should it ever go missing.

  • Make sure the microchip is registered;
  • Have your veterinarian scan your dog or cat’s microchip at least once every year at their annual exam to ensure that the microchip is functioning & can still be detected; and
  • Update your registration information if you or your contact information changes.

Affordable Dog & Cat Microchipping

Our skilled and caring veterinarians have microchipped thousands of cats and dogs in the greater South Bay area, including Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Hawthorne, El Segundo and the surrounding area.

We are committed to keeping our microchipping rates affordable – to ensure that your cat or dog can always be identified if it is ever lost.

Call our veterinarians today to schedule affordable cat or dog microchipping: 310-536-9654

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