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Dental care is as important for pets as it is for people to preserve teeth, avoid mouth discomfort and prevent disease. The mouth is also a potential source for infection that can affect other organs, such as the kidneys and liver. One study demonstrated that pets who received timely and good care of their mouths lived 2 years longer than a comparable pet without dental care!

There are really 2 basic parts to dental care for the pet: 1.) professional veterinary dental care; and, 2.) home dental care.

Veterinarian Dental Care for Dogs & Cats Manhattan Beach, Hawthorne, Torrance, Redondo

The dental services performed on your pet by our veterinarian and staff is very similar to the ones you receive at your dentist. After cleaning the tooth crowns of accumulated dental calculus (tartar), we will exam the mouth to look for problems and record those findings in the medical chart. Subgingival cleaning or root planing will be undertaken where needed to improve the health of individual teeth and the overall health of the pet, and a visual determination will be made if extractions, gingival repair or root canals are indicated, for which you will be advised and given an opportunity to decide to pursue.

For your pet’s comfort and safety, with a few exceptions, a general anesthetic will be used. This is most important, as a dental cleaning done without anesthesia is rarely able to accomplish the whole purpose of a thorough dental cleaning. Anesthetizing the cat or dog enables the veterinarian to clean the crowns and gingival pockets of the material that cause infection, bone loss, loss of the teeth or damage to the other organs in the body.

Of course, anesthesia is serious business. But our experienced veterinarians manage the process so that the anesthesia doesn’t have any negative impact on the pet. At MBAH, we consider this step to be so important that our doctors supervise/oversee each dental case, and make sure that not only the anesthesia goes well but that the cleaning is complete and that mouth is examined for any additional problems. As a result of this care, we have had thousands of pets receive dental care without an anesthetic loss – while giving the pets improved health and a longer lifespan.

Home Dental Care for Dogs & Cats Manhattan Beach, Hawthorne, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach

Our veterinary staff also take the time to teach you how to maintain your pet’s dental health at home. Good home dental care can help avoid problems such as extractions, gingival repair and root canals. Home dental care also will reduce the number of veterinary dental cleaning that need to be done in a pet’s lifetime. At Manhattan Beach Animal Hospital we will carefully explain pet tooth brushing, the use of dental solutions or rinses, and dental diets. The majority of pet owners can successfully perform these steps and have a meaningful impact on their pet’s health . . . even adding years to their life!

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