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Veterinarians Discuss Dog Eye Infections

Diagnosing & Treating Eye Problems in Dogs – We’ve all heard the expression “puppy dog eyes” – referring to that wonderful, wide eyed, loving, innocent stare our canine companions give us! However, a dog’s eyes can also be prone to painful and dangerous illness and infection. Symptoms of Dog Eye Infections – If your dog suddenly begins “winking” at you, it could well be the first sign of infection or illness, rather than a friendly gesture. Signs of an eye […]

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Veterinarians’ Pet Valentine’s Day Tips

Veterinarians’ Valentine Cat & Dog Safety Tips – Our cats and dogs are at the top of our list when it comes to filling our hearts with love! This Valentine’s Day, show your cat or dog how much you love them by following these veterinarian tips for keeping them safe. Veterinarian Valentine Tip #1: Do Not Give Lilies or Other Toxic Flowers Many flowers that you give to your valentine are actual poisonous to cats and dogs. ALL lilies are extremely toxic to […]

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20% Discount on all Dental Cleanings – EXPIRED

In February 2017 we are offering: 20% Discount on all Cat & Dog Dental Cleanings at Manhattan Beach Animal Hospital. SORRY THIS OFFER HAS EXPIRED Good dental care for your precious pet will keep them healthy, and can extend their life by an average of 2 years!  Schedule your pet’s FREE 5 minute oral examination by one of our veterinarians to assess your pet’s oral health  Please speak to a member of our staff to learn more about Dental Cleaning […]

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See Our 2106 Holiday Party Photos

A fun time was had by many of our furry patients and their people at our Annual Holiday Party! Check out our staff, our canine and feline friends, and their families enjoying the festivities! CLICK ANY IMAGE TO ENLARGE >> GO TO PAGE TWO OF 2016 HOLIDAY PHOTOS

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Leash Training Behavior in Dogs

This article by Dr. Steinam addresses the issue of behavior changes in dogs when they are ‘on-leash’ as opposed to ‘off-leash’. If your canine companion is experiencing any anxiety, discomfort or unusual behavior, our Veterinarians are here to help. We have decades of experience with leash trained dogs, and can help you get to the root of any leash training issues your dog may be having.

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Discount Vaccine Clinic – 1st & 3rd Thurs.

Vaccine Clinics are held on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of every month from 4-6PM. Vaccines are discounted. No appointment is necessary! Protect your cat or dog from life threatening illnesses by stopping by and keeping them up to date on their shots.

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Sentinel Flea & Heartworm Tabs Rebate

Sentinel Flea & Heartworm Protection - $40 Rebate! This month Manhattan Beach Animal Hospital is pleased to save our patients $40 on Sentinel Flavor Tabs flea & heartworm medication. Protect Your Dog from Fleas, Parasites & Heartworm! Protect your dog both inside and out, with parasite protection that tastes great – in a once per month flavored chewable tablet! Sentinel Flavor Tabs prevent canine heartworm disease, put an end to fleas before they become adults, and treat and control whipworms, roundworms, and hookworms. $40.00 rebate […]

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Veterinarians Discuss Treating Dog Ear Infections

Our South Bay Vets Explain Ear Infections in Dogs – Most of the ear infections that our veterinarians see in dogs are caused by bacteria or yeast. Ear mites, an overgrowth of hair, moisture, wax, foreign objects, allergies, and even hypothyroidism can also contribute to the development of a dog’s ear infection. Remember that a dog’s ear canal is primarily vertical, unlike a human ear canal which is horizontal. So it is much easier for debris and moisture to be […]

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How Veterinarians Diagnose & Treat a Dog’s Cancer

 Our South Bay Veterinarians Discuss Cancer in Dogs – As our dogs age, their risk of cancer increases. Fortunately, many great advances have been made in treatments for feline and canine cancers in recent years! Dogs actually get cancer at about the same rate as humans. Cancer is much more common in dogs older than 10. Some sources say that almost half of dogs who live over the age of 10 will develop cancer. However, different breeds are more prone […]

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Veterinarians Explain Cat Eye Infections

Our South Bay Veterinarians Discuss Treating Cat Eye Infections – Cats’ eyes are legendarily beautiful & mysterious. A cat’s eyes can communicate pure love to their owners – or disdain to the neighbor’s dog. However, a cat’s eyes can also be prone to illness and infection. Symptoms of Cat Eye Infections Eye infections caused by both bacteria and viruses are unfortunately quite common in cats. If your cat starts “winking” (closing just one eye) it could well be the first […]

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