When to Engage in Cat Grooming & Nail Clipping

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Cats are known for being fastidiously clean. So, many people do not realize that some cats need occasional help when it comes to grooming and keeping impeccably clean.

Your kitty’s age, lifestyle, and health all factor into the amount of cat grooming they will require. While cats are famous for tending to their own grooming needs themselves, many cats can benefit from additional grooming beyond what they can do on their own.

6 Situations When Cat’s Need Help Grooming

(1.) Grooming Long Haired Cats

Cats with longer hair require the most upkeep to their coat and skin. The length and texture of your cat’s hair is also a major factor. If your cat has longer, softer hair, for example, it will be more prone to mats. And long-haired cats who spend time outdoors are prone to needing more brushing (and even bathing) to remove dirt and debris from their long hair.

(2.) Grooming Overweight Cats

If your cat is carrying a few extra pounds, they may struggle to clean their backs. Heavier-set cats often find themselves unable to reach pieces of litter (or excrement) that may have become stuck to the fur on their back-side.

Helping Fluffy clean where she can’t reach has important health consequences: bathing your cat will keep her skin infection-free.

 (3.) Grooming Cats with Hairballs

If your cat suffers from excessive hairballs, it may be a sign that they need help with their grooming. Increased brushing may be needed to minimize hairballs – whether done at home or by our experienced cat groomers.

It’s important to remember that hairballs and vomiting should not be considered a “normal” part of your kitty’s routine. Regular brushing and combing are a great way to minimize the amount of dead hair and debris your cat consumes while grooming themselves.

(4.) Grooming Older Cats

As your feline companion gets older, they may experience a decline in their mental faculties, which in turn can result in a diminished interest in self-care.  Grooming the senior cat can involve brushing, as well as gently washing discharge from their eye & rectal areas.

(5.) Cat Eye Cleaning in Persians & Himalayan

If you have a Persian or Himalayan cat – or any other brachycephalic breed with a “pushed-in” face – they may require additional grooming in the area surrounding the eyes. This will prevent unsightly tear stains and decrease the risk of the folds of the skin becoming infected.

(6.) Trimming Cat’s Nails or “Claws”

Some cats wear down their claws simply during the course of being a cat: running on hard floors, scratching a post (or furniture!) or playing. But less active, older, or overweight kitties may need to have their claws trimmed from time to time.

Keeping nails trimmed is important to prevent injury or infection to your cat’s paws. Long nails can become snagged in fabric, carpet or furniture – injuring your cat. And if nails become too long they can grow into the “pad” and cause pain and infection.

Many kitties will not sit still for nail clipping. And, cutting a cat’s nails requires precision and special clippers – to ensure cutting above the “quick”. Cutting too low will result in pain, bleeding and even infection. While some cat owners are comfortable trimming their cat’s claws – others prefer to have this delicate aspect of grooming handles by a professional.

Cat Grooming & Nail Clipping – Manhattan Beach & Hawthorne

Many cats enjoy being brushed or groomed. But given that cats are famously averse to getting wet – or sitting still – grooming, bathing or clipping your furry housemate can sometimes be a daunting task. Fortunately, our experienced cat groomers are here to assist you.

Whether your furry friend needs feline grooming occasionally or often, it is up to help them both look and feel their best. Grooming your cat will keep their coat shiny and mat free, reduce the risk of infection, and keep them looking and feeling fabulous!

Whatever their breed, at Manhattan Beach Animal Hospital, we our caring veterinarians and trained cat grooming staff has the expertise to provide your cat with the very best grooming and bathing services.

If you would like to schedule a check-up, bathing, grooming or nail clipping for your cat, CLICK HERE, or call our Manhattan Beach Veterinarians: 310-536-9654

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