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MBAH Has Moved!

Manhattan Beach Animal Hospital Moved on December 2, 2017. Our new address is: 2705 N. Sepulveda Blvd. – Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. Come see our brand new location, with the same caring veterinary staff! We loved our location, and had planned to stay there forever. But our landlord had other plans! Don’t worry, we are right around the corner in our great new location. Read the full details from Dr. Steinem here:  

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Canine Flu Outbreak & Vaccine

The announcement by officials of the LA County Public Health Department that canine influenza had been found in several dogs that were shipped to our area has caused dog owners to be concerned for their dog’s safety. And they have many reasons to be, as this is the same strain of the influenza virus that lead to infections of thousands of cases in the Midwest last year and resulted in a few, but not insignificant, number of deaths. This has […]

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Dr. Steinam’s 3 “A’s” for Healthy Pets

How Do You Know if Your Pet is Sick? Sometimes it can be difficult to assess whether your cat or dog is just “out-of-sorts” – or they are facing a more serious medical issue that requires immediate action.  Our experienced & caring veterinarian Dr. Steinam discusses the “3 A’s” that can help any responsible pet owner decide when to take action, and when to wait-it-out for just a bit. As humans we have good days and bad days. Some days […]

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April is Dog Bite Prevention Month

Our veterinarians know that educating yourself about preventing dog bites can help ensure that your dog never bites anyone – and that no one in your family is ever bitten. Read this article to learn what you can do to prevent dog bites from occurring. Veterinarian’s Dog Bite Facts: National Dog Bite Prevention Week® is the second week of April . Every year, dogs bite more than 4.5 million people in the United States – and approximately 800,000 of those who […]

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April is Heartworm Prevention Month

Protect Your Dog from Heartworm – Our veterinarians offer a variety of treatment products to prevent heartworm infection in your dog. Our heartworm prevention products are highly effective and very affordable. When heartworm prevention treatments are administered properly and on a regular maintenance schedule., heartworm can be prevented 100% of the time! So, if your pet is not up to date on their heartworm prevention medication, please schedule an appointment to have a prevention treatment prescribed by a veterinarian as soon as possible. What are Heartworms? […]

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Dental Care Increases Your Pet’s Lifespan

February is Pet Dental Health Month! Dental care is important for pets for many of the same reasons that it is important to people: preserving teeth and avoiding mouth discomfort. Additionally, the mouth is a potential source for infection that can affect other organs, such as the kidneys & liver. One study demonstrated that pets who received timely & good care of their mouths lived 2 years longer than a comparable pet without dental care. For a pet who lives 12-18 years total, […]

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Leash Training Behavior in Dogs

This article by Dr. Steinam addresses the issue of behavior changes in dogs when they are ‘on-leash’ as opposed to ‘off-leash’. If your canine companion is experiencing any anxiety, discomfort or unusual behavior, our Veterinarians are here to help. We have decades of experience with leash trained dogs, and can help you get to the root of any leash training issues your dog may be having.

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Treating Your Pet’s Skin Allergies

Pollen-based Pet Allergies or Atopy are Not Just a Summertime Phenomena. Fall is here. Even for Los Angeles, which often seems to have just small variables to a year-round summer. However, for our pets, the recent cooler weather, although welcome for those who have respiratory issues, has not diminished what has been building throughout the year—their allergy symptoms. So to the surprise of many pet owners, I and other area veterinarians are still spending a great deal of our time […]

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Is Your Pet Healthy? Consult the 3 A’s!

Dr. Steinam discusses a fast and easy method to assess whether your “out-of-sorts” cat or dog is facing a serious medical issue that requires immediate action, or is simply just having a bad day. Using the “3 As” can help any responsible pet owner decide when to take action, and when to wait-it-out for just a bit. A common occurrence in life is the ups and downs of how we feel. Some days we get out of bed feeling great, ready to tackle the […]

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