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Dental Care Increases Your Pet’s Lifespan

February is Pet Dental Health Month! Dental care is important for pets for many of the same reasons that it is important to people: preserving teeth and avoiding mouth discomfort. Additionally, the mouth is a potential source for infection that can affect other organs, such as the kidneys & liver. One study demonstrated that pets who received timely & good care of their mouths lived 2 years longer than a comparable pet without dental care. For a pet who lives 12-18 years total, […]

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20% Discount on all Dental Cleanings – EXPIRED

In February 2017 we are offering: 20% Discount on all Cat & Dog Dental Cleanings at Manhattan Beach Animal Hospital. SORRY THIS OFFER HAS EXPIRED Good dental care for your precious pet will keep them healthy, and can extend their life by an average of 2 years!  Schedule your pet’s FREE 5 minute oral examination by one of our veterinarians to assess your pet’s oral health  Please speak to a member of our staff to learn more about Dental Cleaning […]

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20% Discount on All Dental Cleanings

We have extended our 20% discount on all pet dental cleanings until March 31, 2015! We want to make sure that your cat or dog receives the good dental care that will keep your pet healthy and happy. All pets having a Dental Cleaning will be automatically entered into a raffle for a great prize. Call and ask us about our complimentary five minute dental exam for your pet with one of our veterinarians! Please call our reception staff at […]

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New Years Resolutions for You and Your Pet

It may be cliché, but there’s nothing wrong with setting a few goals heading into the New Year. I understand that resolutions are routinely broken, sometimes no more than a couple of hours into January, and are thrown onto the discard pile of past year’s resolutions with a few chuckles and a shoulder shrug. But the act of trying to improve oneself is a noble one, meant to improve one’s own life and those of the people around us who […]

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