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Alert: Bacteria in Pet Store Puppies

Dangerous Bacteria Spread by Pet Store Puppies – Campylobacter, a bacterial infection that can spread from dogs to humans, has been found in pet store puppies recently in other states. Fifty-five people have fallen ill in 12 states from contact with Campylobacter infected puppies. Though no Campylobacter illnesses have yet been reported in California, people considering purchasing dogs or puppies from pet stored should be aware of the signs and symptoms of Campylobacter. Pet breeders and pet stores often ship […]

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Veterinarians Discuss Treating Dog Ear Infections

Our South Bay Vets Explain Ear Infections in Dogs – Most of the ear infections that our veterinarians see in dogs are caused by bacteria or yeast. Ear mites, an overgrowth of hair, moisture, wax, foreign objects, allergies, and even hypothyroidism can also contribute to the development of a dog’s ear infection. Remember that a dog’s ear canal is primarily vertical, unlike a human ear canal which is horizontal. So it is much easier for debris and moisture to be […]

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How Veterinarians Diagnose & Treat a Dog’s Cancer

 Our South Bay Veterinarians Discuss Cancer in Dogs – As our dogs age, their risk of cancer increases. Fortunately, many great advances have been made in treatments for feline and canine cancers in recent years! Dogs actually get cancer at about the same rate as humans. Cancer is much more common in dogs older than 10. Some sources say that almost half of dogs who live over the age of 10 will develop cancer. However, different breeds are more prone […]

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Veterinarians Can Help Your Dog’s Arthritis

Our South Bay Veterinarians Explain Treating Arthritis in Dogs – What Causes Arthritis In Dogs? Osteoarthritis– also called degenerative joint disease – is one of the most common illnesses that our veterinarians see in dogs as they get older. Osteoarthritis erodes away the cartilage that cushions the dog’s joints, and decrease the fluids that lubricate the dog’s joints. Symptoms of Arthritis In Dogs Symptoms of Arthritis in dogs can be a stiff or uneven gait or limp. Dogs with arthritis […]

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Veterinarians Explain Treating Worms in Dogs

Our South Bay Vets Discuss Types of Worms in Dogs and How to Treat Them – Because of dogs’ typical outdoor activities – and because dogs often will eat anything and everything –  they frequently become infected with worm parasites.  There are a variety of worms – and they can cause a variety of health problems in dogs. In this article our South Bay area veterinarians explain the most common types of worms and how to treat them. Roundworms in […]

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Veterinary Care When Dogs Swallow Objects

What to Do When Your Dog Swallows Something. Dogs like to chew – and some canine companions have a tendency to chew anything they can get into their mouths. While munching on the occasion stick or leather shoe can be harmless –  the situation can become a serious and life-threatening problem if the object is swallowed. Our veterinarians have seen dogs who have swallowed almost every type of object imaginable, including: watches, shoelaces, socks, plastic food containers . .  and even Halloween vampire teeth! […]

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Veterinarian’s Thanksgiving Safety Tips

5 Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips from Our Veterinarians! At the top of most family’s list of what we are thankful for is our pets! But sharing our holiday food and fun with our furry friends, can carry some serious health hazards for cats, dogs and other household pets. Follow these 5 Safety Tips from our veterinarians to keep your canine & feline companions safe during Thanksgiving! Veterinarian Tip #1 Do Not Share Your Holiday Food With Dogs and Cats! Eating […]

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Canine Flu Reported in Orange County

Canine influenza has been recently reported in neighboring Orange county. As some of you may have already heard, cases of canine influenza (“dog flu”) have been reported close to our South Bay location.  Here is a summary we’ve put together of canine influenza facts to help get everyone up to date on what may become an important issue for our canine family members: Canine Flu (Influenza) Disease and Symptoms: Dog Flu Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach Caused by an influenza virus, […]

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Is Your Pet Healthy? Consult the 3 A’s!

Dr. Steinam discusses a fast and easy method to assess whether your “out-of-sorts” cat or dog is facing a serious medical issue that requires immediate action, or is simply just having a bad day. Using the “3 As” can help any responsible pet owner decide when to take action, and when to wait-it-out for just a bit. A common occurrence in life is the ups and downs of how we feel. Some days we get out of bed feeling great, ready to tackle the […]

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