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Veterinarians Discuss Spring Dog & Cat Allergies

Treating Springtime Dog & Cat Allergies – Dogs and cats can suffer from seasonal allergies just as humans do. And spring allergy season can leave Fido or Fluffy feeling miserable thanks to pollens and other environmental allergens. Scientists are also speculating that climate change has increased the number of allergens affecting people and their pets. Higher carbon dioxide levels are increasing the growth rate of many plants – which increases the amount of pollen. Rising temperatures also extend the growing […]

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Treating Your Pet’s Skin Allergies

Pollen-based Pet Allergies or Atopy are Not Just a Summertime Phenomena. Fall is here. Even for Los Angeles, which often seems to have just small variables to a year-round summer. However, for our pets, the recent cooler weather, although welcome for those who have respiratory issues, has not diminished what has been building throughout the year—their allergy symptoms. So to the surprise of many pet owners, I and other area veterinarians are still spending a great deal of our time […]

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