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April is Heartworm Prevention Month

Protect Your Dog from Heartworm – Our veterinarians offer a variety of treatment products to prevent heartworm infection in your dog. Our heartworm prevention products are highly effective and very affordable. When heartworm prevention treatments are administered properly and on a regular maintenance schedule., heartworm can be prevented 100% of the time! So, if your pet is not up to date on their heartworm prevention medication, please schedule an appointment to have a prevention treatment prescribed by a veterinarian as soon as possible. What are Heartworms? […]

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Sentinel Flea & Heartworm Tabs Rebate

Sentinel Flea & Heartworm Protection - $40 Rebate! This month Manhattan Beach Animal Hospital is pleased to save our patients $40 on Sentinel Flavor Tabs flea & heartworm medication. Protect Your Dog from Fleas, Parasites & Heartworm! Protect your dog both inside and out, with parasite protection that tastes great – in a once per month flavored chewable tablet! Sentinel Flavor Tabs prevent canine heartworm disease, put an end to fleas before they become adults, and treat and control whipworms, roundworms, and hookworms. $40.00 rebate […]

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Veterinarians Explain Treating Worms in Dogs

Our South Bay Vets Discuss Types of Worms in Dogs and How to Treat Them – Because of dogs’ typical outdoor activities – and because dogs often will eat anything and everything –  they frequently become infected with worm parasites.  There are a variety of worms – and they can cause a variety of health problems in dogs. In this article our South Bay area veterinarians explain the most common types of worms and how to treat them. Roundworms in […]

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Vets Explain Dog Shots (Vaccinations)

How Dog Vaccine Shots Work – Dog vaccines, or dog shots, work by activating your dog’s immune system – getting it “prepared” to fight diseases to which they may be exposed at some point in the future. Vaccine shots trigger your dog’s antibodies, which are special cells that will jump into action and destroy bacteria or viruses that cause disease when they enter the dog’s body. The optimal time to start a dog’s vaccinations is when they are 7 to […]

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