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When to Engage in Cat Grooming & Nail Clipping

Cat Grooming & Nail Clipping – Cats are known for being fastidiously clean. So, many people do not realize that some cats need occasional help when it comes to grooming and keeping impeccably clean. Your kitty’s age, lifestyle, and health all factor into the amount of cat grooming they will require. While cats are famous for tending to their own grooming needs themselves, many cats can benefit from additional grooming beyond what they can do on their own. 6 Situations When […]

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Dog Grooming – Cleaning Dogs’ Eyes

Dog Grooming: How to Keep Your Dog’s Eyes Clean. Dogs often need help keeping their eyes clean – yet dog’s eyes can be very delicate. Caring properly for your dog’s eyes not only keeps them comfortable, but prevents infections and eye injury later. Regularly grooming – and observing your pet’s eyes so you can catch any problem early – helps prevent eye problems. Eye infections in dogs are usually caused by bacteria, which can be treated with antibiotic ointments or […]

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Best Dog Grooming – By Breed

Dog Grooming – The Right Grooming for Your Breed’s Needs! Regular dog grooming is essential to keep any dog happy, healthy, and comfortable. But when it comes to dog grooming – just like dog collars – one size definitely doesn’t fit all dogs! Our experienced dog groomers have groomed almost every size and breed of canine – from tiny, hairless Chihuahuas to big, fluffy Samoyeds. In this article our Veterinary staff explains the different grooming needs of different breeds of […]

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New Years Resolutions for You and Your Pet

It may be cliché, but there’s nothing wrong with setting a few goals heading into the New Year. I understand that resolutions are routinely broken, sometimes no more than a couple of hours into January, and are thrown onto the discard pile of past year’s resolutions with a few chuckles and a shoulder shrug. But the act of trying to improve oneself is a noble one, meant to improve one’s own life and those of the people around us who […]

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