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Veterinarians Discuss Dog Eye Infections

Diagnosing & Treating Eye Problems in Dogs – We’ve all heard the expression “puppy dog eyes” – referring to that wonderful, wide eyed, loving, innocent stare our canine companions give us! However, a dog’s eyes can also be prone to painful and dangerous illness and infection. Symptoms of Dog Eye Infections – If your dog suddenly begins “winking” at you, it could well be the first sign of infection or illness, rather than a friendly gesture. Signs of an eye […]

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Veterinarians Explain Cat Eye Infections

Our South Bay Veterinarians Discuss Treating Cat Eye Infections – Cats’ eyes are legendarily beautiful & mysterious. A cat’s eyes can communicate pure love to their owners – or disdain to the neighbor’s dog. However, a cat’s eyes can also be prone to illness and infection. Symptoms of Cat Eye Infections Eye infections caused by both bacteria and viruses are unfortunately quite common in cats. If your cat starts “winking” (closing just one eye) it could well be the first […]

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