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Summer Heat Pet Dangers!

High SoCal summer temperatures can be deadly for pets – and not just in hot cars. Read these tips for keeping your pet safe in the heat.   CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE FLIER

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Dr. Steinam’s 3 “A’s” for Healthy Pets

How Do You Know if Your Pet is Sick? Sometimes it can be difficult to assess whether your cat or dog is just “out-of-sorts” – or they are facing a more serious medical issue that requires immediate action.  Our experienced & caring veterinarian Dr. Steinam discusses the “3 A’s” that can help any responsible pet owner decide when to take action, and when to wait-it-out for just a bit. As humans we have good days and bad days. Some days […]

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Veterinarians Discuss Dog Eye Infections

Diagnosing & Treating Eye Problems in Dogs – We’ve all heard the expression “puppy dog eyes” – referring to that wonderful, wide eyed, loving, innocent stare our canine companions give us! However, a dog’s eyes can also be prone to painful and dangerous illness and infection. Symptoms of Dog Eye Infections – If your dog suddenly begins “winking” at you, it could well be the first sign of infection or illness, rather than a friendly gesture. Signs of an eye […]

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Veterinarians Discuss Treating Dog Ear Infections

Our South Bay Vets Explain Ear Infections in Dogs – Most of the ear infections that our veterinarians see in dogs are caused by bacteria or yeast. Ear mites, an overgrowth of hair, moisture, wax, foreign objects, allergies, and even hypothyroidism can also contribute to the development of a dog’s ear infection. Remember that a dog’s ear canal is primarily vertical, unlike a human ear canal which is horizontal. So it is much easier for debris and moisture to be […]

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How Veterinarians Diagnose & Treat a Dog’s Cancer

 Our South Bay Veterinarians Discuss Cancer in Dogs – As our dogs age, their risk of cancer increases. Fortunately, many great advances have been made in treatments for feline and canine cancers in recent years! Dogs actually get cancer at about the same rate as humans. Cancer is much more common in dogs older than 10. Some sources say that almost half of dogs who live over the age of 10 will develop cancer. However, different breeds are more prone […]

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Veterinarians Explain Treating Worms in Dogs

Our South Bay Vets Discuss Types of Worms in Dogs and How to Treat Them – Because of dogs’ typical outdoor activities – and because dogs often will eat anything and everything –  they frequently become infected with worm parasites.  There are a variety of worms – and they can cause a variety of health problems in dogs. In this article our South Bay area veterinarians explain the most common types of worms and how to treat them. Roundworms in […]

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