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Veterinarians’ Pet Valentine’s Day Tips

Veterinarians’ Valentine Cat & Dog Safety Tips – Our cats and dogs are at the top of our list when it comes to filling our hearts with love! This Valentine’s Day, show your cat or dog how much you love them by following these veterinarian tips for keeping them safe. Veterinarian Valentine Tip #1: Do Not Give Lilies or Other Toxic Flowers Many flowers that you give to your valentine are actual poisonous to cats and dogs. ALL lilies are extremely toxic to […]

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Veterinarian’s Thanksgiving Safety Tips

5 Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips from Our Veterinarians! At the top of most family’s list of what we are thankful for is our pets! But sharing our holiday food and fun with our furry friends, can carry some serious health hazards for cats, dogs and other household pets. Follow these 5 Safety Tips from our veterinarians to keep your canine & feline companions safe during Thanksgiving! Veterinarian Tip #1 Do Not Share Your Holiday Food With Dogs and Cats! Eating […]

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Halloween Dog & Cat Safety Tips

Veterinarian’s Tips for Halloween Safety – Halloween is a time of spooky celebrating and delicious treats! Adorable ghosts, goblins, and witches roam the streets . . . and delicious candy is everywhere. And, while this is fun for humans – it is a different story family pets. Cats and dogs may find the strange sights frightening . . . and human snacks can provide a dangerous temptation for pets. Our Manhattan Beach Veterinarians suggest you follow these safety measures during […]

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Pets & Halloween Safety: Candy, Chocolate & Strangers

Halloween candy – particularly chocolate – can be toxic to your dogs and pets. And strangers (especially in in costumes) can be particularly frightening for an animal. Read how to keep your pet safe this holiday season.

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