• Treating Your Pet’s Skin Allergies
    Pollen-based Pet Allergies or Atopy are Not Just a Summertime Phenomena. Fall is here. Even for Los Angeles, which often seems to have just small variables to a year-round summer. However, for our pets, the recent cooler weather, although welcome for those who have respiratory issues, has not diminished what has been building throughout the year—their allergy symptoms. So to the surprise of many...
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  • Sentinel Flea & Heartworm Tabs Rebate
    Sentinel Flea & Heartworm Protection - $40 Rebate! This month Manhattan Beach Animal Hospital is pleased to save our patients $40 on Sentinel Flavor Tabs flea & heartworm medication. Protect Your Dog from Fleas, Parasites & Heartworm! Protect your dog both inside and out, with parasite protection that tastes great – in a once per month flavored chewable tablet! Sentinel Flavor Tabs prevent canine...
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